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How Not To Be Agile (With Scrum)

I'm one of those rare software developers who have had the opportunity to work in a relatively smoothly functioning Scrum. It's true. Everyone thinks they know what it is, and almost everyone is trying to do it. But almost everyone I have ever discussed the matter...

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Means to an end

Data is the new black, or maybe more appropriately the new gold. If you’re in the business of doing business with data, it’s often the last thing you’ll want to give out free. But that might be just what you have to do. My good friend Hugo Gävert gave a talk in a data...

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Mystical Black Box

I recently attended a symposium on artificial intelligence and philosophy. The spectra of viewpoints was dizzying. Where does AI stand in our whole taxonomy of things? What are the implications of this technology becoming possible and what should they be? How can we...

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